For many, the fear of the unknown can cause inaction. Some older adults choose to live at home throughout their retirement because they worry about leaving the comfort of familiarity and memories shared. When someone makes their move to Glenaire, they’re free to make new memories and deep connections through new experiences abounding around every corner.

What else is around every corner at Glenaire? Someone to make you feel completely comfortable and at home.

“This is a big transition for many of our residents,” said Judy Kiel, Glenaire’s Marketing Assistant and Move-In Coordinator. “I work with people one-on-one to help make selections and to walk them through the process of moving in. There’s a lot to it. Selling your home, the memories, so many decisions to make. It can be a stressful time and yet so courageous. It’s important for them to know it’s worth it.”

Once people become the newest residents, Judy also helps to write a bio for the new residents alongside a photo to be placed on the bulletin board and the newsletter for staff. Yet, this is only the beginning of making a new resident feel the warm welcome of the community.

“About 40 residents volunteer as Glenaides around campus for our new residents,” Judy said. “They shepherd new people as a friendly face with a welcome bag, invite them to lunch or dinner, show them around, answer any questions, and are really the first friend and contact who will introduce the resident to other new friends and help them feel right at home.”

The Glenaide program is unique to the Glenaire family as a way to help integrate new residents so that each person can get involved with their favorite groups, outings, and hobbies.

“The Glenaides program is wonderful for our community,” said Judy. “It helps to establish new, real friendships. When I pair a new resident with a Glenaide, I know they’re in good hands. If the new resident ever needs anything and can’t reach me, his/her new friend is always just down the hall.”

To volunteer to be a Glenaide, contact Judy Kiel.

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