The Future of Wellness is in Good Hands at Glenaire

Nearly a year ago, Carolyn Rice became the new Director of Wellness at Glenaire. While the pandemic has created many challenges during her first year in the role, Carolyn sees a bright future for wellness at Glenaire. “Wellness is the heartbeat of our community,” says Carolyn. “It’s such a special role we get to play

Phone Calls Work Better Than Texts or Emails, Study Says

If you crave human connection, try phoning a friend rather than sending a text message or email. It’s more likely to produce a stronger bond, according to a new study. During this era of social distancing because of the coronavirus pandemic, keeping up with family and friends outside your home is difficult. While you may think

Renovations Mean More Choices for Residents

The upcoming expansion at Glenaire has generated much excitement, and with good reason. However, that’s only part of the story. A major renovation is also underway in the community center, and together with the expansion, it will give current and new residents more choices than ever. Planning for both the renovations and the expansion began

As Online Sales Soar During Pandemic, Cybercrooks Pose as Amazon

A fake phone number for almost tripped up an 81-year-old man from West Virginia. A retired educator, he says his wife placed an order for two iPhone cases on, but when she tried to log back into her account, she couldn’t. She couldn’t reset her password, either. A relative went online for an

How to Stay Safe as Things Open Up During the Pandemic

As stay-at-home orders lift in some areas, and businesses and community centers begin to open their doors again, you may be eager to head out. Who can blame you? But the lifting of restrictions doesn’t provide a free pass to go back to all your usual haunts or resume your previous activities. For one thing, the risk

Ann and Pat Mullin Are Ready to Grow

As the couple looks forward to moving into their apartment home in the upcoming expansion at Glenaire, you might think that means they are ready to slow down. Actually, they are ready to do more. The Mullins see coming to Glenaire as an opportunity to share new experiences and meet new friends from different backgrounds,

What To Bake Now

Though I’ve maintained a 70-pound weight loss for decades, I still love chocolate. Heck, I love dessert, period. And I actually eat it a lot more often than one would guess. I’m very careful that my meals do not contain hidden sugars (did you know that 2 tablespoons of bottled salad dressing can have more

Ready to Give Meditation a Try?

If you’ve always been interested in — if a bit daunted by — the idea of meditating, now might be the perfect time to forge ahead with the practice. Research shows that cutting through the mental static and focusing your mind this way helps alleviate stress and anxiety, slows aging, improves your attention span — and can

Residents Reach Out and Show They Have Much More to Offer

Time and time again, Glenaire residents show that they have so much more to share. But their commitment to get involved reaches well beyond the Glenaire community. That active spirit is especially true for the Glenaire Community Relations Committee, a resident group chaired by Gloria Best. For more than five years, the committee has been

Expert Advice on Daily Activities During Coronavirus Crisis

With the news about coronavirus changing rapidly, it’s difficult to know how to go about your daily routine. What was considered acceptable behavior — or even possible — three days ago may not be an option any longer. As restrictions on public gatherings are announced and business closings continue, people need to weigh the risks of engaging

Glass Half Full: Optimism Linked to Long-Term Health

Expecting good things to happen may prove true when it comes to health. A recent study examining the relationship between dispositional optimism and healthy aging among older adults found that optimism has benefits for multiple dimensions of health. Data came from the Health and Retirement Study, a study of a nationally representative sample of US adults

Letter From The Executive Director – J. Paul Gregg

Click the button below to read the winter 2020 letter from Executive Director J. Paul Gregg. READ THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR LETTER

Time to run, walk or roll into the Glenaire 5K

It may be winter outside but the folks at Glenaire are already dreaming of spring and the upcoming Glenaire 5K. The fourth edition of this popular 5-kilometer race and 1-mile fun run is scheduled for Saturday, March 28, 2020, The event has become an annual favorite of residents, family members, the Cary community and runners

Social Security Scammers Turn To Email

Crooks are turning to email as a way to steal Social Security benefits, often including official-looking attachments to make them seem legit, a new warning from the government says. The emails are the newest variant of Social Security phone scams, where scam artists impersonate government officials and claim they are trying to resolve identity theft

What to Know About Social Security Changes for 2020

Monthly benefits will increase Social Security recipients will get a 1.6 percent cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) in their monthly benefits starting in January. The average individual retired Social Security beneficiary is expected to see a monthly benefit jump from $1,479 to $1,503, an increase of roughly $24 per month or $288 for the year. Maximum monthly

Think Fast! Independent & Assisted Living Residents Benefit from Cognitive Training

In a study that earned a silver 2019 Mather LifeWays Innovative Research on Aging award, researchers explored how independent and assisted living residents can benefit from computerized speed of processing training. Researchers recruited 165 assisted living and 186 independent living residents, with an average age of 81, from 31 senior living communities. Study participants were assigned to

Ellen Bennett Connects Residents to Church

Seven years ago, when White Memorial Presbyterian Church (WMPC) in Raleigh began to offer live streaming services, the germ of an idea started to take shape at one of the luncheons the pastors have periodically with White Memorial members residing at Glenaire: “Why don’t we offer a satellite service for Glenaire, a Presbyterian-sponsored continuing care

Glenaire to add 6-Story Addition with Apartments, Dining and Amenities to its Campus

CARY, NC –  The Presbyterian Homes, Inc. and Glenaire are pleased to announce the expansion of its continuing care retirement community located in Cary, NC. The planned development, expected to be finished in 2023, will be a beautiful 6-story structure that will include 192-independent living apartments and 37-assisted living apartments. READ THE ENTIRE PRESS RELEASE

How to Make That Daily Walk Happen

If reaping the amazing health benefits that come with regular walking is your goal, here are two key steps to make that happen: Get out the door today, and get out the door every day for the next 65 days. That, at least, is what one bedrock study on the psychology of habit found really

11th Annual PHI Olympics Photos

Check out some photos of our Glenaire residents during the 11th Annual PHI Olympics!

Stan Cooley has a passion for food and Glenaire residents

Stan Cooley could always cook. Ever since he was a little kid in his mother’s kitchen learning how to make her legendary biscuits, Stan knew he would always have a passion for making great food. For the past 24 years, Stan has been preparing food for residents of Glenaire just about every day. And for

How Cybercrooks Can Hack Your Online Bank Accounts

You log into your banking site and immediately notice something’s wrong, horribly wrong. Somehow, your account has been compromised and money is missing. At the risk of fearmongering, this isn’t as uncommon as you might think. Like many Americans, you might have become a victim of bank fraud. And it’s usually tied to a password

Glenaire Recognized as a Choice Community by Holleran

CARY, NC – Glenaire, a continuing care retirement community in Cary, has been recognized for their resident engagement, placing them at the top of the benchmark of communities across the nation.  Glenaire was awarded Holleran’s Choice Community recognition at the completion of their 2019 Resident Engagement survey. This accolade means Glenaire is engaging with stakeholders

Good Works, Good Effects? Volunteering, Stress & Emotions in Older Adults

In addition to helping others, older adults who volunteer may gain a benefit to their own well-being. A recent study explored the relationship between volunteering and stress. For this study, the researchers used data from the National Study of Daily Experiences. The participants were 1,320 adults age 50 to 84 who completed a daily interview for

What’s So Bad About Meat, Eggs and Sugar, Anyway?

Many nutrition experts make a point to not demonize any particular type of food. But let’s get real — if you’re eating for health, there’s less room on your plate for some foods than others. With evolving nutrition science and conflicting messages about what’s healthy and what’s not, it can be a challenge to figure

This Yard Sale is a Big Deal

Twice a year, the Glenaire community shifts into high gear for its bi-annual “Yard Sales” that bring residents, staff and families on campus for a great cause. And for resident Marcia Marvin, the benefits of the yard sales go even beyond the money that is raised. “We do have a lot of fun doing it,”

Making a Move: Packing Parties and Other Creative Ideas

Recently I had the chance to speak with a couple that lives in a continuing care retirement community (CCRC or “life plan community”) in Virginia. Let’s call them Joe and Becky. They have lived in the CCRC for about three years and said they couldn’t be happier. One thing that has really stood out to

The Presbyterian Homes wins Excellence in Community Service Award from LeadingAge NC

The Presbyterian Homes, Inc. has been named the 2019 recipient of the LeadingAge NC Excellence in Community Service Award for service programs at each of its three continuing care retirement communities in North Carolina. Click here to continue reading.

Yoga Is About Both Body and Mind

When most people think of yoga, they think of wellness and relaxation, not fitness. While yoga involves plenty of gentle stretching, deep breathing and meditation (which have been shown to do everything from alleviating stress to lessening chronic pain), it’s also an effective total body workout for people of all ages and fitness levels. A

Meet Glenaire’s “Queen of Fun”

There’s always a lot going on at Glenaire, and Lara Lee Waters is usually the reason. As the community’s Life Enrichment Coordinator, she says she’s Glenaire’s “Queen of Fun.” Lara Lee is part of the community’s Wellness Team, and their goal is making sure the residents have access to programming that will feed their Mind,
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