Glenaire to add 6-Story Addition with Apartments, Dining and Amenities to its Campus

CARY, NC –  The Presbyterian Homes, Inc. and Glenaire are pleased to announce the expansion of its continuing care retirement community located in Cary, NC. The planned development, expected to be finished in 2023, will be a beautiful 6-story structure that will include 192-independent living apartments and 37-assisted living apartments. READ THE ENTIRE PRESS RELEASE

How to Make That Daily Walk Happen

If reaping the amazing health benefits that come with regular walking is your goal, here are two key steps to make that happen: Get out the door today, and get out the door every day for the next 65 days. That, at least, is what one bedrock study on the psychology of habit found really

11th Annual PHI Olympics Photos

Check out some photos of our Glenaire residents during the 11th Annual PHI Olympics!

Stan Cooley has a passion for food and Glenaire residents

Stan Cooley could always cook. Ever since he was a little kid in his mother’s kitchen learning how to make her legendary biscuits, Stan knew he would always have a passion for making great food. For the past 24 years, Stan has been preparing food for residents of Glenaire just about every day. And for

How Cybercrooks Can Hack Your Online Bank Accounts

You log into your banking site and immediately notice something’s wrong, horribly wrong. Somehow, your account has been compromised and money is missing. At the risk of fearmongering, this isn’t as uncommon as you might think. Like many Americans, you might have become a victim of bank fraud. And it’s usually tied to a password

Glenaire Recognized as a Choice Community by Holleran

CARY, NC – Glenaire, a continuing care retirement community in Cary, has been recognized for their resident engagement, placing them at the top of the benchmark of communities across the nation.  Glenaire was awarded Holleran’s Choice Community recognition at the completion of their 2019 Resident Engagement survey. This accolade means Glenaire is engaging with stakeholders

Good Works, Good Effects? Volunteering, Stress & Emotions in Older Adults

In addition to helping others, older adults who volunteer may gain a benefit to their own well-being. A recent study explored the relationship between volunteering and stress. For this study, the researchers used data from the National Study of Daily Experiences. The participants were 1,320 adults age 50 to 84 who completed a daily interview for

What’s So Bad About Meat, Eggs and Sugar, Anyway?

Many nutrition experts make a point to not demonize any particular type of food. But let’s get real — if you’re eating for health, there’s less room on your plate for some foods than others. With evolving nutrition science and conflicting messages about what’s healthy and what’s not, it can be a challenge to figure

This Yard Sale is a Big Deal

Twice a year, the Glenaire community shifts into high gear for its bi-annual “Yard Sales” that bring residents, staff and families on campus for a great cause. And for resident Marcia Marvin, the benefits of the yard sales go even beyond the money that is raised. “We do have a lot of fun doing it,”

Making a Move: Packing Parties and Other Creative Ideas

Recently I had the chance to speak with a couple that lives in a continuing care retirement community (CCRC or “life plan community”) in Virginia. Let’s call them Joe and Becky. They have lived in the CCRC for about three years and said they couldn’t be happier. One thing that has really stood out to

The Presbyterian Homes wins Excellence in Community Service Award from LeadingAge NC

The Presbyterian Homes, Inc. has been named the 2019 recipient of the LeadingAge NC Excellence in Community Service Award for service programs at each of its three continuing care retirement communities in North Carolina. Click here to continue reading.

Yoga Is About Both Body and Mind

When most people think of yoga, they think of wellness and relaxation, not fitness. While yoga involves plenty of gentle stretching, deep breathing and meditation (which have been shown to do everything from alleviating stress to lessening chronic pain), it’s also an effective total body workout for people of all ages and fitness levels. A

Meet Glenaire’s “Queen of Fun”

There’s always a lot going on at Glenaire, and Lara Lee Waters is usually the reason. As the community’s Life Enrichment Coordinator, she says she’s Glenaire’s “Queen of Fun.” Lara Lee is part of the community’s Wellness Team, and their goal is making sure the residents have access to programming that will feed their Mind,

Anatomy of the Perfect Nap

While an afternoon siesta has never been a mainstay of our productivity-obsessed culture, there’s reason to believe that napping can be more useful than slothful. Research shows that a short snooze can boost brain power, improve your memory as well as your mood (including your ability to shake off daily frustrations), and make you more

Seniors and Technology — Embracing the Digital Age

While seniors are generally considered “late adopters” for most technology, more and more older people are beginning to embrace the digital age. According to Pew Research, almost 60% of American seniors over age 65 are now online, a number that is increasing rapidly each year. Another recent study by Pew Research on older Americans’ use

A Family That Plays Together

People often say that Glenaire residents become like family. When Barbara Mann and her husband David moved to Glenaire in 2016, that was literally the case – her mother, Betty Hollis, had been a resident here since 1999. (Her father moved in, too, but sadly passed away in 2011.) Her parents originally retired in Florida,

Educating and Learning At The Same Time

Glenaire has a unique partnership with Campbell University, located about 45 minutes away in Buies Creek. Since 2007 Campbell has been sending pharmacy students to our community to do a one month rotation in geriatric pharmacology. Each year 24 Campbell students rotate through Glenaire, two or three per month. Dr. Amber McLendon, Associate Professor of

10 Superfoods For Eye Health

Protect your vision with these nutritious (and delicious) foods. TUNA “Getting omega-3 fatty acids matters for maintaining healthy eyes,” says Sunir J. Garg, retinal surgeon at Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia. A 2016 meta-analysis of studies on fish consumption and age-related macular degeneration found that people who ate the most fish had the lowest risk

How Much Protein Do You Need After 50?

Protein helps to keep our muscles strong, which is important for maintaining the balance and mobility needed to continue to live independently as we age. Yet, unlike with fruits and veggies, we may not focus on getting enough of this important nutrient. And recommendations on exactly how much protein older adults need vary. The current

A Unique Way To Give Back

Two and a half years ago, just after she and her husband Emery had moved into Glenaire, Carolyn Anderson was talking to a staff member and the woman mentioned that her daughter, a 4th grader, was having trouble in math. As it happened, Carolyn had tutored 4th grade math in the local public schools for

Lifelong Learning: Good for Seniors’ Minds & Bodies

Fall means school is back in session. There is a recent and growing trend among college students that is garnering a lot of attention. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, by 2020, 43 percent of college students are expected to be age 25 and older. And among these are more and more seniors.

Letter from the Executive Director – J. Paul Gregg (summer 2018)

To continue reading the entire letter please select the link below. summer 2018

What are the Differences Between For-Profit and Not-for-Profit CCRCs?

“What is the difference between a not-for-profit community and a for-profit community?” This is a popular question among prospective residents of Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs), also referred to as Life Plan Communities. Many not-for-profit CCRCs are single-site organizations, although some are part of a larger group. The distinguishing feature of a not-for-profit CCRC, as

Ensuring Proper Nutrition for Older Adults (and How CCRCs Can Help)

When it comes to proper nutrition for older people, it’s important their loved ones be attuned to their diet and, if concerns about nutrition arise, be proactive in addressing them. Observe their eating habits, take note of unintended weight gain or loss, and be sure you understand how the medicines your loved one takes might

Glenaiding New Residents

For many, the fear of the unknown can cause inaction. Some older adults choose to live at home throughout their retirement because they worry about leaving the comfort of familiarity and memories shared. When someone makes their move to Glenaire, they’re free to make new memories and deep connections through new experiences abounding around every

A Playful Retirement at Glenaire

If you were to have met Alice Roye before September of 2014, when she made her move to Glenaire, you would have never thought that months later she would be putting on theatrical productions right on campus. Coming from a more scientific background, Alice graduated from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of

How CCRCs are Unique from Other Retirement Living Choices

For many, living at home may be desirable, but it’s not practical for the long term. In these cases, there are a number of different types of communities from which to choose. Learn the differences between each and how to identify them below . CONTINUUM OF CARE One of the most important factors to consider

A Neglected Part of Retirement Planning

The term “retirement planning” is frequently used in the financial industry and in the media. But what does it really mean? For some, retirement planning includes strategies for saving and investing to prepare for a future retirement. For others, it may focus more on various methods for tax efficiency and generating income during the retirement

Calling Glenaire Home for Over 18 Years

If you ask anyone at Glenaire about Faye Ostrom, you’ll probably hear how, even at 94 years old, she can run circles around some half her age. Faye Ostrom was born on February 3, 1924, on a farm in Robeson County near Lumberton, NC. “We were very poor, so I wasn’t able to afford to

Factors to Consider when Choosing a CCRC (Life Plan Community) Choosing a Continuing Care Retirement Community, also referred to as a CCRC or life plan community, is a major decision and one that is unlike any other choice you have made before. Ultimately, it is a decision that impacts your lifestyle, finances, housing, and health care. That is why it is important to make an

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