Twice a year, the Glenaire community shifts into high gear for its bi-annual “Yard Sales” that bring residents, staff and families on campus for a great cause. And for resident Marcia Marvin, the benefits of the yard sales go even beyond the money that is raised.

“We do have a lot of fun doing it,” says Marcia. “It’s work, but it’s fun and it’s for a wonderful cause.”

Marcia joined the yard sale committee at Glenaire soon after it was formed six years ago and has even chaired the committee a time or two. For her, it’s a job that is well worth the effort for everyone involved. “It’s a really big deal,” she adds.

During much of the year, the yard sale committee, a dedicated group of 14 residents, gathers items, maintains a store (of sorts) where donated items can be purchased, and even sells some items on Craigslist. But in the days leading up to the sales, the community’s residents come out in big numbers to help set up and make sure the sale is a success.

That’s a good thing. The yard sale actually takes place inside at Glenaire with several huge tables in the auditorium full of everything from knick-knacks and various housewares to electronics and small appliances. There is even a toy section, thanks to the residents’ many grandkids.

The main lobby, or rotunda, is loaded with home furnishings. There’s also a boutique with jewelry set up in the private dining room.

Hundreds of people come to the sales, which run for two days in April and two days in September. (Mark your calendars. The next one is scheduled for September 6 – 7.) In addition to people from outside the community, many residents, staff and family members come to the sales every year.

Items for the sale come mainly from the residents and their families. “Most residents are downsizing to come here,” says Marcia. “But then some downsize too much and come to find something to replace what they gave away.”

Started by residents shortly after the community opened in the 1990s, the yard sale became an official Resident Association event with a formal committee in 2013. Along with the gift shop, the sales provide all of the funding for the 18 different Resident Association committees, such as the wellness, library and spiritual life committees. In addition, the sales contribute funds to education scholarships for students working in the dining area at Glenaire.

At the end of each sale, any remaining items are donated to either Dorcas Ministries, a local organization with ties to many area churches, or to the local Veterans’ Association for area veterans in need.

Not to worry, though. More items start coming in soon after, giving Marcia and her fellow residents plenty to look forward to in the next yard sale.

“It’s all good,” says Marica. “We’re able to do a lot of things for our community and other people. I think it gives people a lot of satisfaction.”

Do you have some downsizing to do before you call Glenaire home?  Glenaire would be happy to receive some of your excess non-clothing possessions.  Please contact us in advance to ensure we have interest in and space for your contribution. 

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