Have Happy — not Scammy — Holidays

To keep your holidays merry, bright and safe, don’t let a crook lighten your wallet or steal your cheer. Modern-day grinches abound, a new survey for AARP suggests. The national poll of 1,027 adults found that 3 in 4 men and women either had been targeted or victimized by at least one form of fraud,

Glenaire renovations add exciting improvements

With a six-story residential building rising into the skyline, it is understandable that the expansion at Glenaire has attracted much attention. However, as residents of the community know, many exciting improvements have been completed around the existing campus. Walking through the front door, residents and visitors are now treated to a more open, brighter rotunda.

Glenaire Partners with UNC Physicians Network

CARY, NC –  The Presbyterian Homes, Inc and Glenaire are pleased to announce the upcoming partnership with UNC Physicians Network (UNCPN). Together, the two organizations will manage the on-site health clinic to provide increased access to high-quality medical services for the residents of the Glenaire Continuing Care Retirement Community.  The Medicare-certified Health Clinic, which was

Benefit of Social Media for Seniors

The fastest-growing demographic on Facebook, seniors are flocking to social media like never before. And it’s not just Facebook that’s seeing an influx of the older generation. More and more over-65’s are also joining Instagram and Twitter. Not only do people use social media to catch up with family and friends, and share their lives

Top 5 Foods to Feed Your Brain

Think about it: The foods you eat have a huge impact on your body, from your energy level to your heart health and beyond. Your brain is no exception, and research shows that things like the MIND (Mediterranean — Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay) diet, which focuses on specific brain-beneficial food groups, is linked with better

Jane Bass takes staying active to another level

Getting involved and meeting new people has never been too difficult for Jane Bass. The Glenaire resident is serving her second year as Vice President of the Residents Association and will serve as the association’s President beginning next year. “I made it my goal to visit all committee meetings this past year to learn what

Glenaire’s Expansion is Building Momentum

Expansion is well underway at Glenaire, including a new urban-style apartment building, enhanced wellness center, new dining options and more. Ben Stevens, our Executive Director, shares his take on how the projects are going and their impact on new and existing residents. “The project is moving along really well especially considering how some general construction

Become one of the Tech-Savvy Older Adults in 5 Steps

Did you know you can become one of the tech-savvy older adults today? Technology use is growing across people of all ages. And while the obstacle to computer literacy among older adults has been the assumption that it’s best suited for the younger generation, technology use among adults is soaring. According to a report by the Pew

Competition Adds a Boost to Your Fitness Routine

Aging doesn’t mean you have to put away your competitive spirit, especially when it comes to sports. While mastering treadmills, yoga mats and elliptical machines can play an important role in your fitness routine, those exercises don’t provide the level of adrenaline-induced exuberance that comes with competing. Americans are accustomed to going head-to-head on the playing

How to Increase Your Self-Motivation

Motivation occurs under many circumstances, but when you experience natural inspiration as a result of energy from your spirit, that’s when you’ll feel exuberant and eager to willingly devote time to your interests. Self-motivation helps when you’re trying to lose weight, become more invested in a goal for your future, quit an addiction, or even

Are you getting enough vitamin K?

If Vitamin K is not already on your radar, it probably should be. The lesser-known nutrient has long been understood to play a key role in blood clotting. Now, a growing body of research suggests that getting adequate amounts can help ward off heart disease, cognitive problems, osteoarthritis and physical disability, making it especially important to healthy aging. Yet

Another Study Finds Potential Health Benefits to Living in a CCRC

A recent study conducted in the U.K. looked at the impact that moving to a retirement community had on seniors’ health and longevity. British researchers from the Associated Retirement Community Operators (ARCO) and the County Councils Network (CCN) looked at the overall wellbeing of people who live in a retirement community as compared to seniors who have

Downtown Cary has Glenaire residents holding onto their seats

Ed Clayton, current president of the Glenaire Resident Association, and long-time Cary resident gives his perspective on the new and upcoming developments close by in the Town of Cary that are making this an exciting time to become part of the Glenaire community. In addition to the expansion and renovation projects underway on campus that

Pandemic Proves to Be Fertile Ground for Identity Thieves

Identity thieves were busier than ever as the pandemic erupted nationwide last year, with reports of identity theft in the U.S. skyrocketing to nearly 1.4 million in 2020, more than double the number a year earlier. The figures released Thursday by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), a consumer protection agency, show identity theft reports last year were

Glenaire 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run

Registration is now open for the 5th annual Glenaire 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run on Saturday, March 27, 2021. The race usually starts and finishes at the Community located at 5000 Glenhope Court in Cary. This year’s race will again be virtual and that’s reflected in the reduced entrance fees. Hopefully, we can all get

Blanche Nichols is feeling fine, thank you.

The former president of the residents’ association and eight-year (and counting) resident of Glenaire is happy to report that life is good in the community despite the pandemic. That’s saying a lot, considering everything going on in the world these days. The pandemic has delayed or derailed so many activities and opportunities that this very

Even Small Kindnesses Have Big Impact, New Research Finds

Did you help someone this year? According to new research, you probably did. And even if your gesture was small, it likely made a powerful difference. In a new survey, 90 percent of people reported taking action to support others this year, according to data released by OptionB.org, a nonprofit organization that promotes resiliency founded by

Meet Ben Stevens, Glenaire’s New Executive Director

Glenaire welcomed its new Executive Director, Ben Stevens, this November. Although he just started, he is already starting to fit right in with this active, engaged and energetic community.  “It’s a dynamic community and organization undergoing a major expansion to take the community into the next century,” says Ben. “Resident leadership on campus is well

Beware of Robocalls, Texts & Emails Promising COVID-19 Cures or Stimulus Payments

Coronavirus scams are spreading nearly as fast as the virus itself. As of Nov. 9, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) had logged about 246,500 consumer complaints related to COVID-19 and stimulus payments, two-thirds of them involving fraud or identity theft. Victims have reported losing $180.7 million, with a median loss of $320. Fraudsters are using the full suite of

The Future of Wellness is in Good Hands at Glenaire

Nearly a year ago, Carolyn Rice became the new Director of Wellness at Glenaire. While the pandemic has created many challenges during her first year in the role, Carolyn sees a bright future for wellness at Glenaire. “Wellness is the heartbeat of our community,” says Carolyn. “It’s such a special role we get to play

Phone Calls Work Better Than Texts or Emails, Study Says

If you crave human connection, try phoning a friend rather than sending a text message or email. It’s more likely to produce a stronger bond, according to a new study. During this era of social distancing because of the coronavirus pandemic, keeping up with family and friends outside your home is difficult. While you may think

Renovations Mean More Choices for Residents

The upcoming expansion at Glenaire has generated much excitement, and with good reason. However, that’s only part of the story. A major renovation is also underway in the community center, and together with the expansion, it will give current and new residents more choices than ever. Planning for both the renovations and the expansion began

As Online Sales Soar During Pandemic, Cybercrooks Pose as Amazon

A fake phone number for Amazon.com almost tripped up an 81-year-old man from West Virginia. A retired educator, he says his wife placed an order for two iPhone cases on Amazon.com, but when she tried to log back into her account, she couldn’t. She couldn’t reset her password, either. A relative went online for an

How to Stay Safe as Things Open Up During the Pandemic

As stay-at-home orders lift in some areas, and businesses and community centers begin to open their doors again, you may be eager to head out. Who can blame you? But the lifting of restrictions doesn’t provide a free pass to go back to all your usual haunts or resume your previous activities. For one thing, the risk

Ann and Pat Mullin Are Ready to Grow

As the couple looks forward to moving into their apartment home in the upcoming expansion at Glenaire, you might think that means they are ready to slow down. Actually, they are ready to do more. The Mullins see coming to Glenaire as an opportunity to share new experiences and meet new friends from different backgrounds,

What To Bake Now

Though I’ve maintained a 70-pound weight loss for decades, I still love chocolate. Heck, I love dessert, period. And I actually eat it a lot more often than one would guess. I’m very careful that my meals do not contain hidden sugars (did you know that 2 tablespoons of bottled salad dressing can have more

Ready to Give Meditation a Try?

If you’ve always been interested in — if a bit daunted by — the idea of meditating, now might be the perfect time to forge ahead with the practice. Research shows that cutting through the mental static and focusing your mind this way helps alleviate stress and anxiety, slows aging, improves your attention span — and can

Residents Reach Out and Show They Have Much More to Offer

Time and time again, Glenaire residents show that they have so much more to share. But their commitment to get involved reaches well beyond the Glenaire community. That active spirit is especially true for the Glenaire Community Relations Committee, a resident group chaired by Gloria Best. For more than five years, the committee has been

Expert Advice on Daily Activities During Coronavirus Crisis

With the news about coronavirus changing rapidly, it’s difficult to know how to go about your daily routine. What was considered acceptable behavior — or even possible — three days ago may not be an option any longer. As restrictions on public gatherings are announced and business closings continue, people need to weigh the risks of engaging

Glass Half Full: Optimism Linked to Long-Term Health

Expecting good things to happen may prove true when it comes to health. A recent study examining the relationship between dispositional optimism and healthy aging among older adults found that optimism has benefits for multiple dimensions of health. Data came from the Health and Retirement Study, a study of a nationally representative sample of US adults
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