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Recent News


Glenaiding New Residents

Many of our residents take an extra step to not only welcome new residents but to dive deeper with them as a part of our Glenaide Program.

A Playful Retirement at Glenaire

At Glenaire, we believe that we should never stop playing. For some of our residents, that means not only starting a theater group but also putting on twice a year original productions for residents, friends, family, and staff. Get a glance backstage with Glenaire's Play Director, resident Alice Roye.

How CCRCs are Unique from Other Retirement Living Choices

There are a number of different retirement communities out there offering a variety of options and services. Here is how you can spot a Continuing Care Retirement Community with a full continuum of care much like Glenaire.

A Neglected Part of Retirement Planning

Many people plan for retirement: a life of leisure and to finally catch up on all the long-put-off chores. Yet, before putting your future in stone, ensure that your retirement doesn't include this one often-neglected factor.

Calling Glenaire Home for Over 18 Years

Meet Faye Ostrom who has called our community her home for almost two decades.

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