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Recent News


What If There’s No Space in the CCRC Healthcare Center When I Need It?

At Glenaire, residents always come first. That’s why there is never a worry about the what-ifs once you make your move to our warm and accommodating community.

A Philanthropic Retirement

When Norm and Virginia Childs first came to Glenaire, they knew the community was different. It felt genuine and friendly. So, when they were ready to make their move, it was no question that they would come back to the familiar.

3 Reasons Why Aging in Place May Not Be Cheaper

Many people believe that aging at home is the most cost-efficient decision during their retirement. However, here are three factors that could make a future at home more expensive than we originally thought.

Glitz, Glamour, and Well-Being at Glenaire

We're excited to announce this year's Wellness Week theme: Hollywood! Residents are welcome to put on the ritz with us all week long.

How Do I Know If I’ll Be Happy Living in This CCRC?

When making your move to a CCRC, use these tips to be sure that you'll find joy and excitement every day at your home, sweet home.

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