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Recent News


Make 2018 the Healthiest at Glenaire

If you are one to use the New Year as a fresh start to your goals, our Wellness Coordinator, Ally Setliff, has some advice to reach your goals.

Letter from the Executive Director - J. Paul Gregg (Spring 2017)

Healthcare center renovations – for the last several years, Glenaire has been transforming its health center away from the traditional, medical model of caring for dependent older adults into a home model called the “Household” model. Major renovations have resulted in 4 distinct households with kitchens, living areas, spa bathing facilities among many other improvements. We expect the...

Volunteering Throughout Retirement: The Causeys

After disaster strikes an area, it is people like Jerry and Joyce Causey, Glenaire residents, who come to the rescue. Working with an organization called Baptists on Mission, the Causeys volunteer to address a basic challenge: hunger.

Letter from the Executive Director - J. Paul Gregg (Summer 2016)

Update on construction and renovations – The renovations to our Health Care center continue to go well. This project, designed to transform our care areas from the medical model to the household model of care, is more than half-way complete. We have just finished phase 3 (of 5). This means our medical clinic, Central House, and South House are occupied and serving our residents. We have just...

Letter from the Executive Director - J. Paul Gregg (Winter 2016)

Progress with renovations - Residents are enjoying the first newly renovated household – Central Household. The dining room in our assisted living area has also been completely updated. Work has now begun in the skilled nursing area of South Household as we continue to transition to a more person- centered approach that provides additional options for residents.

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