With a six-story residential building rising into the skyline, it is understandable that the expansion at Glenaire has attracted much attention. However, as residents of the community know, many exciting improvements have been completed around the existing campus.

Walking through the front door, residents and visitors are now treated to a more open, brighter rotunda. The reception area now faces the front door, making it easier to greet visitors right away. New flooring and décor give the space a friendlier feel, as well.

“The rotunda is so much lighter and brighter,” says Suzette Roach, Director of Resident Life at Glenaire.

The gift shop, the entry to which had previously been tucked down one of the hallways, now faces the rotunda with sliding double doors and a completely redesigned layout and updated merchandise inside. “They changed the whole feel along with new technology,” says Suzette. “The gift shop is entirely run by the residents. And the money they make supports resident association programs.”

After a gala grand opening, complete with champagne and a fashion show, the gift shop has enjoyed a remarkable increase in traffic and sales. “It’s great to see how the residents have reimagined the gift shop and are reinvesting in their own programs,” adds Ben Stevens, Glenaire’s Executive Director. “They have already sold enough merchandise in the new shop to cover half of the resident association budget for the year.”

The auditorium has also been entirely reoriented and updated. Gone are the stage, vaulted ceiling and outdated audio and video resources. The new space features lower ceilings, vastly improved acoustics, a massive multi-panel video screen, and new artwork and fixtures. “The space is warmer and more welcoming now,” says Suzette. “But it’s also easier to get in and out of with three exits and a connection to the kitchen.”

Speaking of food, residents are now enjoying completely revamped dining experiences at Glenaire. The main dining room is now The Dunham Restaurant, featuring table service and a prepared-to-order menu that allows residents to enjoy old favorites along with fresh new flavors. One of the key features is the glass window that allows residents to see inside the kitchen from the dining area. This gives the space an updated, restaurant-like atmosphere without feeling too formal. The Dunham also has a private dining room that residents can reserve for different functions.

The Glen was also updated and provides a casual spot to share coffee and other treats with friends, or an occasional cocktail or light snack in the evenings.

“I’ve been here 19 years, and this is the biggest renovation I’ve seen in independent living,” says Suzette.

“The biggest benefit of these renovations is that the residents have these attractive common areas so they can be proud to invite friends and family into their community,” says Ben.

With this round of improvements complete, the corridors in the existing buildings will get new flooring, colors and finishes starting this spring. The renovations represent important upgrades for the existing common areas, ensuring that current and future residents have the very best amenities available throughout the entire community.

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