Expansion is well underway at Glenaire, including a new urban-style apartment building, enhanced wellness center, new dining options and more. Ben Stevens, our Executive Director, shares his take on how the projects are going and their impact on new and existing residents.

“The project is moving along really well especially considering how some general construction projects are going these days,” says Ben. 

Much of the underground work has been done including a storm water storage system. Passersby can now see more going on above ground as foundations for the under-building parking garage have been poured and steel framework has started rising into the Cary skyline. Two large construction cranes are in place now as work gains momentum on the six-story structure.

“It’s exciting to see the bones of the building take shape!” Ben adds.

Ben credits the planning process and foresight of the builders in planning ahead in order to avoid delays due to supply shortages that are plaguing the construction industry in general. He is optimistic that the project will allow new residents to begin moving in sometime during spring/summer 2023.

The community has already begun reaching out to future residents of the new apartment homes to begin choosing countertops, cabinets, flooring, paint and other finishes. The selection process has just started and can take a year to complete. (So don’t panic if you are a depositor and haven’t been asked to select finishes yet.) 

The campus has also been buzzing with renovations and enhancements to existing facilities. According to Ben, residents have enjoyed seeing the improvements as each project gets unveiled. The work in the rotunda is nearing completion with changes to the front desk and gift shop areas going on now. New flooring and furniture are next on the list. “The result will be a more open, welcoming space for residents and visitors to enjoy,” Ben explains. 

The auditorium has opened with the first in-person resident association meeting having taken place there in July. Upgrades included the addition of a huge, multi-LED display for meetings, and watching movies and sporting events. Ben noted broadcasts of the recent European soccer championships (Euro Cup) and the Summer Olympics as having drawn quite the crowds in the auditorium.

The two newly enhanced dining options in the existing campus are getting more popular every day. Recent changes to the meal plan now give residents greater flexibility. “With changes, there’s always anxiety in the early days. But in practice, we’re seeing the residents are enjoying being able to eat and dine the way they want to,” Ben says. “We feel great that our residents and their visitors can enjoy restaurant quality dining and experiences at Glenaire.”

The 30,000-square foot wellness center will also be a key feature of the community’s expansion. “We’ve doubled down on the community’s commitment to all the areas of wellness, both in the expansion and in the existing spaces,” adds Ben. “Future and existing residents have many reasons to be excited about the community.”

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