Getting involved and meeting new people has never been too difficult for Jane Bass. The Glenaire resident is serving her second year as Vice President of the Residents Association and will serve as the association’s President beginning next year.

“I made it my goal to visit all committee meetings this past year to learn what they do,” Jane explains. “It is a bit overwhelming… but I think it speaks to our years of being in careers about which we were passionate.”

Of course, according to Jane the Glenaire community makes it easy to find ways to stay active, with many residents choosing different committees and activities in which to participate. But there is no pressure to or expectation for residents to join.

However, Jane has always enjoyed taking active roles in Glenaire and the larger community. She works in the gift shop at her church, St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in Raleigh, and volunteers at the North Carolina Museum of Art. She is also a member of the League of Women Voters and has served as precinct chair of her political party. “Glenaire is a good place to be politically involved,” she adds. “But we keep it low key.”

On campus she has enjoyed serving on several different committees. One of her current favorites is the Finance Committee. “It’s a great way to find out what’s going on,” she says. The committee meets with Glenaire’s Executive Director, Ben Stevens, every month and with senior leadership at The Presbyterian Homes, Inc., a few times a year.

“The Health and Wellness Committee is my other favorite,” says Jane. “We are involved with many staff members who support independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing.”

Another committee Jane works with is the Integration Committee, which was created by Ben Stevens in order to make new residents of the expansion feel welcome and comfortable. This committee is particularly important to Jane, who moved to Glenaire in 2017 and did not know any of the other residents at first. “I’m a risk taker,” she says with a laugh. “I’ve never been afraid to meet people and I made fast friends.”

Before coming to Glenaire, Jane lived in Cary, North Raleigh and Apex, having moved to the area from Rocky Mount in 1983 to become the Director of Child Nutrition for the Wake County School System.

When she lived in North Raleigh, she had a neighbor named Mickey who, after her husband passed and she turned 68, decided to move to a CCRC rather than move in with one of her daughters. “I thought that (a CCRC) made sense and decided that when I turned 68, I would look to do the same,” Jane explains.

She looked at nine different CCRCs in the Triangle area. “I made a spreadsheet with all the major things to compare… Glenaire was by far my favorite,” she says.

Jane is looking forward to the completion of the expansion and various renovations around campus. “The expansion is going to be beautiful,” she explains. “And the new state-of-the-art wellness center — we’re all looking forward to that.” As for dining, Jane considers the Dunham dining room at Glenaire to be “food as good as you can get anywhere.”

Jane loves her first-floor apartment and patio with a view of the creek that runs through the community. You’ll often find her on campus walking her 11-year-old poodle mix, Ringo.

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