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Resident Involvement: Volunteering in Both Glenaire and Local Community


Volunteerism among seniors is on the rise. Studies have shown, investing time in others leads to better health and greater feelings of contentment and self-esteem. Accumulated life experiences, mature perspectives and highly developed skillsets make seniors ideal volunteers. A big part of the Glenaire lifestyle is volunteering to help improve our local community, and the world at large.

In this article, we hear from two different residents on how volunteer activities are promoting a sense of meaning and satisfaction in their lives. There are many places and people in the world struggling and in need. Many of our residents report that helping people in need is not a burden, but a great way to meet new people and learn new things. Many say their volunteer projects are energizing and engaging. Volunteering leaves them feeling confident, creative and compassionate.

Glenaire Volunteer Chester Black: Stop Hunger Now

Stop Hunger Now, a Raleigh based firm, is an international hunger relief agency providing food and other lifesaving aid to children and families throughout the world. This year, Chester Black, board member and resident of Glenaire, along with 100 Glenaire residents and staff, supported Stop Hunger Now by coordinating a meal-packing drive. On January 11, they assembled the meals with the staff from Stop Hunger Now. The group planned to raise $2,500 to provide 10,000 meals. Exceeding their goal, they raised $5,000 — enough for 20,000 meals.

“The response to this drive was overwhelming,” said Black. “We are proud to support this worthwhile organization, and it could not have been done without such a dedicated committee. It was really a great thing for the group to experience.”

Glenaire Volunteer Kitty Clements: Health care Helper

It’s the little gestures in life that mean so much, from tending the garden, to offering a flower to a passerby or transporting a resident to a musical concert. When Kitty Clements and her husband Steve moved to Glenaire four years ago, it was clear to them that everyone around tended to these details— not just the staff.

“There are committees for nearly every aspect of life at Glenaire, which really enables residents to have a big impact on the lifestyle here,” she says.

While Kitty helps out on numerous committees, helping the residents in health care has struck the deepest chord.

“They’ve spent their time helping make Glenaire what it is! This is my payback for all their faithful service, and I’m honored to help,” she says.

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